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Sportswholes is a sports blog dedicated to sharing sports statistics, records, updates, and sports stories with sports fans worldwide. This site aims to bring share only the positive sports stats, records, and stories, and free to all, whoever you are, and wherever you are. SportsOwls believes that as sports/games are pure entertainment, so does a sports blog should do. A good sports blog so does not mislead the visitor and gives them the proper information. This site in no way supports or encourages unethical activities such as gambling, negative news,  or anything against race, religion, politics, or caste. However, if you are new to this site and want to know more about this site's disclaimers, please read;

All the contents are our (SportsOwls) property, and all the images are taken from various online sites, especially loyalty free and free to use only. However, if you find any content or ideas similar to yours, there is a coincidence. Still, you can tell us about the issue, and we’ll also try to solve the issue immediately or as early as possible.

SportsOwls is accessible to all sports fan around the globe; you can share our content or downloads our images for free, but you are not allowed to sell to third parties or misinterpret those. In such cases, you are liable to compensate, or it may bring legal charges to you for violating intellectual property rights.

We do not use any cookies or don’t send any promotional emails to anyone. However, discard it or let us know if you find that sort of activity. We only reply to our comments sections if you comment on our blog posts or on our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But we do not allow anyone to write or comment on something which does hurt the emotions of anyone, whether religious, political, gender, or caste.

At SportsOwls, we never ask for money or permit anyone to affiliate links or allow cookies. However, if you get such unauthorized activities in the name of SportsOwls, please let us know at sportsowls@gmail.com or discard those. We ensure you that you’ll be safe while visiting our blog site or reading any of our blog posts. Thanks again for visiting our disclaimer page.

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