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Sportsoles is a Sports enthusiastic blog site, which is dedicated to sports fans. This site is to share sports stats, results, records, and sports entertainment with sports fans around the world. Like the other secured online blogging sites, our friendly terms of use are created to secure your data and protect your privacy policies while giving you a better experience.  Our terms of use are simple, easily accessible, and Fan-friendly so that anyone can use our site with 100 % satisfaction. Please see the terms and conditions of our use below;

Limitations for users of this blog site include;

  • Violating Copyright laws or intellectual property rights
  • Duplicating, copying, modifying, or distributing the contents/images of this site;
  • Violating the laws or going against the prohibited policies of Google, international or local regulations;
  • Spreading of deceitful information or manipulated media related to politics, social issues, or any matter that concerns public sentiments;
  • Using virus (es) and other technical items that may cause damage to the site;
  • Collecting information from other users such as email, phone number, or personal information without the permission of the user or the admin of this site;
  • Any contents/comments/images/videos that are abusive, defamatory that may promote or incites violence, terrorism, illegal acts, or hatred on the grounds of race, ethnicity, cultural identity, religious belief, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation;
  • This sports blog site (SportsOwls) does not support any form of sexual harassment or exploitation. Please be aware that SportsOwls will respond to requests from third parties, including law enforcement agencies, if there is evidence that, in our view, may be relevant to a legal investigation.
  • SportsOwls has the right to block, delete, or freeze comments, contents, images, and videos  if those  contain prohibited subjects according to international rules & regulations;
  • You can comment or share your email if only you are above 18 years old;

Thank you for reading our terms of use. We hope that our terms of use and policies will give you a better understanding of our blog site, and thus you'll feel secure while reading or commenting on our posts. However, if you have any questions about our (SportsOwls) terms of use policies, feel free to comment below or write to us at sportsowls@gamil.com

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